Columbus School of Law

Who's coming as of 09/19/2019

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First Name Last Name Pref Class JD Class Guest(s)
Sonja Bedon 1989
Michael Blake 1989 Cecilia Coronado Blake
Ellie (Hanlon) Borowsky 1989
Ann Brogioli 1989
Jean (Maloney) Coelho 1989 1994 Silverio Coelho
Marta Cubina 1989
Diane (Hoagland) DeAngelis 1989
Frank Donio 1989
Michael Donohue 1989 Jeanne Donohue
Karen (Herlihy) Duhamel 1989
Sylvia (Bamberger) Ferry 1989
Joanna (Scarlata) Flanagan 1989
Megan (DOHERTY) Foley 1989
Elizabeth (Whyte) Gardner 1989
Maureen Geraghty 1989
Constance Hanlon 1989
Nancy (Staudenmeier) Hardimon 1989
Andrea (Henske) Henske - Visser 1989
Robert Iannone 1989
Dina Justice 1989
Daniel Lynch 1989
Kimberly Lynch 1989
Lourdes Martell 1989
Edward Morche 1989 Colleen Morche
Kevin (Morrisin) Morrison 1989
Edward O'Connell 1989
Lauren (Terreri) Rhines 1989
Michelle (Fornarotto) Riordan 1989 James Riordan
Margaret Sullivan 1989
Carlos Valldejuly 1989 Camelia Montilla
Stephen White 1989 Mary White
Regina Wu 1989


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